Should larger people pay more?

by: Cassidy Gaillard

Paying extra

Do you like paying for other peoples things? Well i don't. For one thing there is a big problem in the U.S OBESITY there is a big population of obesity here in the united states. Being obese is affecting others and there money so we have a job to do! a big thing that is affecting people is plane tickets. I am sure you are thinking what how and Well you see when people go to sit down there may be an obese person there and there fat is coming out of there seat onto your space. So you see we have a job to do.

griping people

Do you enjoy griping people? I don't. You see America is packed with griping people and we need to make a change. A big THING people are griping about are obese people! People are griping about this because some business owners are losing money (plane companys) which means no money to provide for there family.

handicap zones

Handicap zones are contagious! When i go to the store with my mom. Me and my mom always happen to look in the handicap zone/area. Most of the time we see a souped up car with flashy rims parked right there. Without any handicap license. I am referring to a plane what i mean is obese people should be were they are supposed to be in the front of the plane.