Starting Sept 15th

The "Thin It To Win It" Health Challenge

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Share in the Joy and Fun

You'll be a part of this interactive community of people encouraging and challenging each other to make strides towards being the best you can be, and supercharge your journey to Optimal Health. Get points for drinking water, reading the Habits of Health, losing or maintaining weight (whichever matches your goal). You can even set up a team just for you and your friends, family, co-workers — those you’d like to challenge to a fun competition where the ultimate prize isn’t only cash, but it's YOUR HEALTH.

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So Here Is What You Get

Daily "Habits of Health" emails, helpful tips, Videos, exercise routines, nutritional plans, healthy recipes, free coaching, and much, much more. You get all of this for 6 weeks and its just a $20. ante. Yes, its true, you do win prizes, and win cash for hitting goals you set, but you also get to be in a better place in 6 weeks!

I'm Forming a team and want you to be on it!

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