May 16, 2016

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Europe - The Final Countdown (Official Video)


5/16/16 - Posting Window Opens

5/17/16 - Faculty Meeting and Breakfast - 7:30am

5/18/16 - 6th Grade Olympics

5/19/16 - Grades Due

5/19/16 - Promotion Retention Discussion - During Planning - PL Room

5/20/16 - 7th Grade Olympics

5/23/16 - 8th Grade Olympics

5/24/16 - Yearbook Distribution Day

5/25/16 - 8th Grade Picnic

5/26/16 - Awards Day - During Connections

5/27/16 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! - 2 Hour Early Release

Faculty Meeting and 8th Grade Breakfast

We will have our final breakfast of the year on Tuesday morning at 7:30 in Mrs. B. Wood's room. At this meeting, we will share plans for promotion/retention discussions, yearbook distribution day, and awards day. PE will also give us any last minute information about Olympics.

We will name our final Teacher of the Month as well as name our Classified Employee of the Year. Please be on time because we have a lot to fit in to a small amount of time.

Behavior Management and the Final Countdown

The next two weeks are going to be super challenging in regards to managing classroom behavior if you do not have engaging activities planned for your students. I am asking you to maintain consistency within your room. There always seems to be an increase in referrals over the last two weeks of school because we finally grow tired of the behaviors we have allowed or overlooked the past 34 weeks.

We need to be consistent as a building with our stance on electronic devices. Mixed messages make it very difficult to manage so I am asking you to please make sure students are only allowed to use E.D.'s for instructional purposes...(listening to music while they are working is not instructional).

Thank you in advance for helping us make the last 10 days of school run smoothly!


In order to be prepared for our grade level promotion/retention meetings, I really need you to drill down to those students who will fail 2 or more classes. Grades are due on Wednesday, so you should know the students we are needing to focus on when you come to the meeting.

*Remember - The main reason we are asking that all grades are posted by the 19th is so we can send out Awards Day invitations. We want to give our families ample time to arrange the opportunity to attend the ceremony.


5/13/16 - Debbie Pearce (oops...I am late on this one)

5/17/16 - Debbie Irvine

5?17/16 - Tiffany Tipton

5/18/16 - Shannon Cole

5/19/16 - Adrienne Kennedy

5/21/16 - Holly Hill

5/31/16 - Sue Roth

6/10/16 - Amber Palmer

6/17/16 - Tracie Sexton

6/30/16 - Michelle Pritchett

7/2/16 - Laura Durham

7/25/16 - Beth Brooks - Pre-planning starts this day!

7/28/16 - Lee Hazelip

7/31/16 - Niki McLeroy

Operatic "Happy Birthday" by 7 Opera Singers Italian & English

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