Shakira - Loco

Taylar Velten

Type of Music

The name of the music is Pop Latino, but there is no significance to the name. It is mostly played in Latin America, Spain, Italy Portugal and France.


Get It Started Pitbull (feat. Shakira) by Shakira

History of the Music

This type of music can from Latin America, Romania, and the Philippines in the 16th century.
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Characteristics of the Music

Major characteristics of the music are syncopation, call and response, rhythm and language. They usually use Spanish guitar, bass, drums, timbales, and conga. This type of music is usually played a family gatherings, social events, and cultural traditions.

Connection to Dance

Salsa dancing is a major type of dance associated with this type of music. Dancing with a partner and staying together of the beat are some characteristic s of the dance.