DEEP LOVE Saturday, October 3rd

Funeral Attire Recommended

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Deep Love: A Ghostly Rock Opera is a theatrical event presented entirely through haunting rock and folk music. The Rock Opera is the brainchild of songwriters Ryan Hayes and close friend Garrett Sherwood. Hayes and Sherwood wrote the show in 2010.

Jon Peter Lewis, who was an American Idol finalist before he competed on The Voice with Hayes as the folk duo Midas Whale, assisted in writing the book for Deep Love, has directed multiple productions and also stars in the show.

Hayes, Sherwood and Lewis met in 2009 while they lived in Rexburg, Idaho and in 2010 began growing the audience for Deep Love from the two dozen people who attended a reading in Lewis’ living room to thousands of devoted fans across the northern Utah and eastern Idaho regions.

In 2015 Deep Love was selected from hundreds of candidates by a grand jury of Tony Award-winning directors and producers to be one of ten featured musicals produced for the News Link Project of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. (NMTF).

Deep Love tells the tragic tale of a jealous lover's reach from beyond the grave. It is a story of love, loss and indecision where sweethearts become adversaries in pursuit of what they cannot live without. Heartwarming and heartbreaking, it promises to delight all ages.

"We are pleased to see Deep Love reaching more and more people every year...this will be our biggest season yet" says writer Ryan Hayes.

“The creative team of Deep Love is exceptionally talented,” adds Jon Peter Lewis. "Performing the show in New York City was an incredible experience for everyone who has worked so hard on this project and connecting with people in the city's theater world has been an invaluable experience."

Joining Lewis on stage are Voice alum Amy Whitcomb, co-writer Garrett Sherwood and actress Melanie Stone. The rock opera had it's New York debut in July 2015 and will be on tour throughout the West beginning October 3, 2015.

New York Times -
"polished show with pop ambitions"

"very well sung"

“…elegantly simple set…”

Theater Mania -
‘The irrepressibly fierce Whitcomb sings like the genetic offspring of Pat Benatar and a valkyrie."

"hot band of rockers..."

"lyrical choreography"

Broadway World -
"Lewis squeezes intimidating tension out of his tenor..."

“The on-stage rock band sounds great under music director Ben Mathews.”

Talking Broadway
“Whitcomb gives you something you can’t get at The Phantom of The Opera or anywhere else…”

“Lewis wields his voice as a violent caress…"

Theater Scene
“The music is a credible sounding rock amalgam of the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, with Roxy Music flourishes. The lyrics are skillfully complementary.”

"backdrop is a fantastic Tim Burton-style minature collage...dazzling scenic elements." “ ..a raspy voice and a rock star charisma in the vein of Steven Tyler, Mr. Sherwood is very fitting as Friedrich.”

“Melanie Stone is wonderfully sweet and stalwart as Constance.”

Time Square Chronicles
“Amy Whitcomb knocks the score out of the park”

“The seven piece band rocks the house off.”

“Miss Whitcomb has one of the best rock voices I have heard in a long time”

Eljinc- (Off broadway)

“Garrett Sherwood and Ryan Hayes have created passionate and haunting music and emotional lyrics that produce some of the most heartfelt love songs ever.

“The raspy (and oh so sexy) voices of Lewis and Sherwood and the multi-octave sopranos of Whitcomb and Stone give these songs a spine-tingling effect.”

“It’s all working in DEEP LOVE making this one of the best offerings of the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.”

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Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 7:30pm

Bishop Center for Performing Arts, Aberdeen, WA, United States

Aberdeen, WA