India's Early Civilizatons

By: Samantha Williams

Climate and Geography

  • Himalaya Mountains to the North
  • South of the Himalayas is the Ganges River Valley, it is one of the main areas of India's culture
  • To the west is the Indus River Valley, it is a relatively dry, plateau area in modern Pakistan, in ancient times, it had a moderate climate
  • A main feature of the climate in India is the monsoon, in summer, the winds carry moist air from the Arabian Sea and cause heavy rainfall, especially on the west coast.
  • the winter monsoons reverse direction, and blow from the north and northeast, they cause heavy rainfall on the east coast of India
  • Farmers in India rely on the southwest monsoons for rain, if the rain doesn't come on time, or too much or too little rain comes, the crops are destroyed and people starve