My Life!!

Daija Joyner

About Me

I was born on November 4, 1995 in Sentara Hospital. When i was born i weighted about six pounds and nine ounces and I was eighteen inches long. When i was about six months old my first word was Dad. I When I was five to six months old I began to sit alone and at eleven months i began to walk. I was a child that woke up very early in the morning and liked to sing my Abc's along my crib to let my parents know i was awake. My a family favorite story of me was when i was a baby was when i was very hungry and my grandma was in the kitchen cooking they thought i couldn't get off the couch which i did and walked to the kitchen. At age three i went to preschool where it was a private school and they taught me a lot at an early age. I was a child that did not take very long to learn things but when i did learn before some kids i often tried to help them. When I was in kindergarten my parents were really proud of me because i remembered the poem "IF" by Rudyard Kipling for my kindergarten graduation when they heard me say this long thing at an early age they became so excited.