The American System

The Greatest Decision America Will Ever Make

"But what does this system consist of?"

Great question! Henry Clay's American system is made up of three major components that will help create a better America for all.

1. Tariff

Don't fret! This tariff has been created not to hinder the American people, but to help them. This tariff will protect and promote American industry. Give those hardworking hands a rest and let the factories made all of your goods for you!

2. 2nd National Bank

There are numerous benefits to having a unified National bank and the American System includes a National bank in order to foster commerce.

3. Federal Subsides for Internal Improvements

This country is great enough as it is, however, it could be improved with just a little face-lift. Through the American System, federal subsides will be provided in order to build canals and roads throughout this great country. Having these things will make travel much easier as well as making your life easier.