Animal abuse

By Sierra Aguilar

What is your injustice?

Animal abuse is something that a lot of people know of but don't considered it as a injustice at all. Mostly because they don't consider animals as a pet but rather just something to put to work or even food. Some people that do feel animal abuse is injustice don't speak up or are to afraid to do anything for there own personal problems.

Whom does yout injustice affect and why?

My injustice affects all the animals that are abused and the people that are against animal abuse. This also affects the people that abuse animals because if this memorial and monument get very popular it can spread this hope to stop animal abuse and can cause more harsher punishments for people that abused animals. These harsher punishments can spread around the world and might make people more intimidated.


Why should there be a monument or memorial created for this injustice ?

There should be memorial and monument created to show how many animals get abused and to show people that if they don't stand up to animal abuse that this will happen many more times. This memorial and monument will show real stories from abused animals and the pain and cruelty they went through. To give those animals that died something to know they didn't die for no reason but for other people to realize what is going on to these animals and for them to step in and take action. The stories from the animals could show an abused animal could have a second chance at life if someone will just reach out and give them a good home.

Where would a memorial or a monument be placed?

I think the memorial or monument should be placed at the national head quarters of Aspca organization. There were many real life stories about an abused animal going very public which caused a total out break on social media which made more people against animal abuse and cruelty. There was even a situation in Georgia were a dog who was found abused sent a whole up roar in the Georgia and they made a bronze statue for the animal.

What is the purpose for the memorial or monument ?

The purpose for the memorial and monument would be because the animals that been abused or the animals that died because of abuse would know that they didn't die in vain but to help other future animals from having that same horrible life that they did. Another purpose for this memorial and monument is show awareness to the people that really haven't paid much attention to animal abuse or haven't ever saw these types of things. The awareness of this memorial and monument would also be able to create harsher punishments to the people that abused the animals and to make sure that the one time offender wont ever be captured again because he/she will already be put in jail. this awareness could make people fight harder for the abused animals if they knew the story behind each one of the animals they might feel a connection between themselves and the animal. Some people only think that animal cruelty goes on in certain parts of the world or a specific country but it actually goes around every where maybe in your own neighborhood. The awareness of the memorial and monument would show how many animals get abused on a daily basis and the types of abuse that the animals have to go through.