Personalized Learning In Math

Renee Fetes & Nicole Johnson

Tool #1: Desmos allows you to browse, create and teach custom activities. These unique digital interactive activities promote student accountability within your math classroom. Students are able to work through a desmos activity at their own pace, but you as the teacher can see in real time their progress through the lesson. It allows teachers to give instant feedback to individuals or as a whole class.

Let's have you try it out!

Click on the link below and select "JOIN". On the next screen you can select "continue without signing in" and enter your name to begin.

Tool #2: Padlet

Padlet is not just an interactive bulletin board for your student's to respond on. Padlet can be used to differentiate instruction within your mathematics classroom. As the teacher, you can use Padlet to display links and information for your students to work through. You will see several examples of how we have used Padlet in our math classrooms to both differentiate instruction and create digital stations for students to work through.

Tool #3: Quizlet Live

"Quizlet Live is an engaging in-class game where students work in teams to correctly match terms and definitions. The first team to match all terms and definitions correctly in a row wins the game."

Tool #4: GimKit

Are you tired of Quizizz and Kahoot and looking to try something new? Gimkit may be your answer! It is like Kahoot on steroids!! You will have the opportunity to play a Gimkit from a student's perspective and learn the ins and outs of how it works from your teacher account. GimKit does offer a free account for teachers. This free account, however, only allows you to create up to 8 "kits".

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Renee Fetes - 6th Grade Math Teacher EIMS

Nicole Johnson - Instructional Technology Specialist & Algebra Teacher