Edgar Allen Poe

By Jessie Paulson

Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809. Poe 's childhood was sad, because his dad left them and his mom died of TB when Poe was young. He had been taken in by the wealthy Allen family. He joined the army. He was kicked out of a military academy. After moving around for a while, he went to stay with his aunt and cousin, Virginia. Virginia was an inspiration to his writing and eventually his love interest. She eventually got tuberculosis and died, just like his mom and his stepmom had. Poe saw himself as the reason all of the women in his life died of tuberculosis.

Poe's most significant novel was the Raven. It was considered great literary work and was by far one of his best. After his beloved wife died, Poe was overcome with grief. He fell into poor health and struggled financially. He was later found in Baltimore in great confusion and distress. He was supposedly on his way to Philadelphia. He died later in a hospital on October 7.