Justin Constantin,1-11-16,7th

Cornell Note Taking

Cornell notes have made my studying outside of school easier and have helped me improve my grades. Cornell notes can be a little to much at times but it always pays out in the end .I like the questions onthe side cause they help me study my notes and memorize the main idea.
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Tutorials help me interact with other students with the same problems as me . When we all talk about the same topic we end up sharing ideas and eventually figuring it out .The only part of tutorials that i do not like is that you have to have a TRF which is to much work
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Community service

For AVID we have to commit to 4 hours of community service for a semester. For the first semester as a class AVID went to mission Arlington and helped out. When i do community service i feel good about myself and have no problem going back to give my last 4 hours .
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Public Speaking

At the beginning of the year i was scared of giving a presentation in the front of the class. AVID has thought me how to present correctly so i know i am doing it right. I still get nervous but it always ends in the same way,with an applaud and me walking back to my seat.
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My AVID binder is the most organized its ever been. I have never ever used dividers until this year. All i have to do is flip through to the correct tab and my papers are in order by date. My AVID binder prepares me for collage .
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Thanks to AVID I am always cought up on homework . I never forget to study or turn things in due to my planner where things are highlighted . Ever since AVID I have kept up with all my work and have been prepared for every test
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Next Semester

Next semester I will try and be more up to date . The only time i really only hole punch is when my binder gets super full. I should be doing things every day but instead i am to lazy and do it once a week.