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rape among young adults

many know that college isn't all of the nice things they say it is, studying and having fun while trying to achieve a bachelors degree is a very hard thing if things aren't taken seriously. there are many things that could affect a young adult with making stupid decisions leading into much worse consequences, such as going to parties and not worrying about school work, maybe over drinking and blanking out because of drinking big amounts of alcohol and this leads into the big topic of men raping young college girls.

college opportunities and sucess in life:

as an individual whether it is a young lady or a young man, most after they graduate want to keep their education going on what they are interested about. But due to the different things a young man and women go through, they try to "relax" or have some fun in the campuses, specially in fraternities where there are many parties that they think they are safe but they are not, they take decide to do the wrong thing and then they are very affected by the things that happened,

a good percent of students that go to college, go there because of scholarships such as an academic scholarship or a sports scholarship. some people don't understand that there aren't many opportunities that college can give them but they take this "scholarships" for granted and care more about having a good time, or "turn up" than worry about having good grades and doing good in school.

college dangers

college dangers are always a thing to worry about when your reputation can be on the play, as a guy or as a girl. If a guy is blamed for raping a young lady can be considered bad but if he is a football player or a soccer player that they are actually good at a certain sport, they arent going to believe any of the statements that are being said about the young man because it doesn't benefit the school or even the teams over all.
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Solution to college rape in campuses

In college 88% of girls do not report sexual assault because they fear the school is not going to believe them. In the article the overcorrection it states "Harvard has adopted procedures for deciding cases of alleged sexual misconduct which lack the most basic elements of fairness and due process," this explains how in every sense, rape is a really bad thing but sometimes its unfair for one another because it can be one or the others fault of the "rape" happening.