First Year Teacher Resources

From the March 2013 LOLA Course

SMART Exchange

The SMART exchange lets you browse for lessons to use with a SMART board. You can type in your content area to receive multiple templates and lesson ideas to use in your classroom.

SMART Exchange

Behavior Management

Below you will find a prezi offering behavior management tips for your classroom as well as the link to the website we used in the LOLA course where you can let your students make comic strips.

Behavior Management Prezi

Make Beliefs Comix

Academic Vocabulary

Working with Students in Poverty

We all have different perspectives based on our socio-economic status. Here are some resources with information about hidden rules to take into consideration when working with students.

Hidden Rules PowerPoint

Ruby Payne Video

Great Website for Resources

This website offers MANY different tools for teachers - classroom management ideas, lesson ideas, etc. Click on Free Resources, and see all the wonderful resources available!

Cornerstone for Teachers