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November 2015

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Talking With Mrs. Stevenson by Madi Kammer

Gators! Did you have a great time during Fall Break? I did and I bet that Mrs.Stevenson had a great one to! But first I have to tell you what is going on in November!

Mrs.Stevenson is so Respectful to put some of her time aside just for you guys. Give her a round of applause!

- She hopes that everyone had a great,safe,and enjoyable fall break !

- She thanks all the families for coming to the Parent Teacher Conferences and was an excellent turnout with all the positive comments . She thinks that parent involvement contributes in student achievements.

- Please consider going to the PTO sponsored Bingo for Books. Keep and eye out for more information on South Creeks Facebook page and the South Creek website.

- Happy Thanksgiving to all eat lots of mashed potatoes and turkey but be very thankful.

- The Veterans Day Program is November 11th @ 9:30 a.m., if you know a veteran please invite them the PTO with serve refreshments at the door and Student Council will help. All the kid will perform and sing enjoy! The kids are most likely to wear patriotic colors I mean we are representing America.

- The Smencil sale went so well all the flavors are so good. I like Root Beer the best. Which flavor do you like best?

That is it gators. I know it is a very quiet month. Be prepared for for any surprises coming up. Check out the other article I wrote about Gator Guild Tryouts. Tell me if you like it . Bye! I love how you guys like my articles.

Madi Kammer


Tuesday, November 3rd - PTO Meeting @ SC Library 7pm

Friday, November 6th - Gator Gear Day!

Tuesday, November 10th - Spirit Night @ Chicago's Pizza

Wednesday, November 11th - Veteran's Day Program @ 9:30

Friday, November 20th - Bingo for Books @ 7:00pm

Monday, November 23rd - School Board Meeting at Central Office @ 7:00pm

November 26th and 27th - Thanksgiving Break - No School

Teachers at South Creek: Mr. Roets by Jaden Ashman

Q: What grade do you teach?

A: 5th

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: Ball State

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: Fort Wayne

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

A: Social Studies

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: Playing Board Games, Watching Movies, Reading Comics

Q: What is your favorite candy?

A: Anything Chocolate

Q: What is your favorite soda?

A: Coca Cola

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: Soccer

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Purple

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Chinese

Q: How do you like South Creek so far?

A: Love it here kids here are the most fun

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Go Flashes! by Cooper Mills

The FTYF Super Bowls were on October 3. They had an opportunity to

Play in the Flashes Stadium. There were 3 games. The Pee Wee Super Bowl teams were the Mountaineers against the Hoosiers, with the Strong Mountaineers with the victory. The Lower League Super Bowl teams were the Saints versus the Lions. The score was 33-13 with the aggressive Saints pulling out the win. The Upper league Super Bowl teams were the Falcons and the Raiders and the hardworking Raiders won! Good job all South Creek Gators who played FTYF this year, and hopefully you will play in 2016. Our own FC Flashes won their last three regular season games beating Bloomington South, Terre Haute South and Terre Haute North. Unfortunately the season came to an end falling to Southport in the sectionals.

Gator Guild Tryouts by Madi Kammer

Gators! Tune in for all announcements because you will see some amazing things! I will be on there. You have to thank Mrs. Adams for coming up with Gator Guild . So Gators use the Gator G.R.E.A.T.S trait of respect!!!

I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. There is one thing that I can tell you: Everyone made it!!! Hope you guys watch it every morning! Bye Gators! This was Madi Kammer!

Talking to Teachers by Christian Castillo

Hello readers, it’s time for another Talking o the Teachers. In this article we will be interviewing Mrs. McIntire.

We’re going to start off with things she did with her class in September. She was starting parent/teacher conferences (that’s hard for us kids). She was also talking about the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches, also known as the three branches of the government.

Some things she did in October were Fall Break, Fall parties (awesome!), and idiom costumes. Something she does outside of school is watching her kids play the most radical sports ever! The last thing she wanted to tell me is that they’re “getting ready for Polar Express, field trips, and being responsible.”

Now, that’s all! Stay tuned for a 2nd grade teacher in December and a 3rd grade teacher in January!

The Story Behind Charlie by Rachel Snow

Six years ago there was a little gator named Charlie. He was very lonely because all the other gators made fun of him. One day as he was walking through the swamp he met a nice wizard. “For your kindness, I will grant you one wish,” said the nice wizard. Charlie thought and thought then he asked to be good at math. When Charlie got his wish he traveled to South Creek to teach students some math.

That’s the story behind Charlie Chomputation!

Thanksgiving by Will Coffman

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving is because the Pilgrims and Native Americans.

Had a big feast on November 26. The pilgrims had come from Holland and

Sailed on the ship called the Mayflower. Another reason we celebrate

Thanksgiving is because of the friendship between Native Americans and the Pilgrims.

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Guess the Teacher by Faith Wheatley

Hi gators!! Did you read last month’s issue of guess the teacher? If you guessed Mrs.Fortner you were correct! Now here’s this month’s teacher

Favorite color: purple

Favorite book : Bridge to Terabithia

Favorite fast food place : taco bell

Subject: math

Food: tacos

Sport: volleyball

Favorite thing to do : photography

B-day month: April

Drink : Dr.pepper

Can you guess who it is??

Star Express Presents...Parfait Day

National Parfait Day Celebration at Franklin Township

Star Express is excited to be celebrating National Parfait Day on Wednesday, November 25th. Enjoy specialty themed yogurt parfaits served as a lunch entrée choice at Franklin Township Schools. In addition to our usually planned menu items, enjoy these themed parfaits:

Very Berry Yogurt Parfait Combo

Coco-Nana Yogurt Parfait Combo

Tropical Yogurt Parfait Combo

*Nutritional information for breakfast and lunch items can be found online at*

**If you are interested in working for Star Express, please visit to apply **

Please contact the Star Express Registered Dietitians with any comments and/or questions. 862-2411

We’d love to hear from you!

Betsey Flores, RD – Child Nutrition Supervisor

Alison Powers, RD – Assistant Child Nutrition Supervisor

November 2-6: Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

Any child who participates in 4 out of the 5 dress days will earn a bookmark!

Monday, Nov. 2nd: Wear red! “It’s Red Ribbon Week!”

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd: Wear Hats! “Hats Off to Being Bully and Drug Free!.”

Wednesday, Nov. 4th: Dress like a superhero! “I have the power to be bully and drug free!”

Thursday, Nov. 5th: Crazy Hair! “I’m crazy about being bully and drug free!”

Friday, Nov. 6th: Fancy Friday! “I’m too fancy for bullying and drugs!”

Bulletin Board Contest by Cami Bland

Cameryn here. In my last column I talked about a mystery book, the book is called Wonder! The winner is……… WILL COFFMAN

I am doing a bulletin board contest, here is how it works. So every classroom has a bulletin board, and I put together a contest to show whose bulletin board they believe should win. They cannot tell me their favorite bulletin board is their teacher’s bulletin board. Only one classroom can win every month. I will put the teachers name the bulletin board topic, a picture of the bulletin board with the teacher in front. This month we have…………. MRS.TURNER! Her Theme was THEME!

Every month I will switch between guess the book and bulletin contest. There might be a different column and maybe even two in one month! The rotation will happen every month, you will never see the same type of column in a row. EVER! That’s all for this month, type to you soon!

From the Clinic

Dress for the weather:

Mornings at the bus stop are often cold while later it can be quite warm at recess. Dressing in layers will enable your child to be warm and comfortable with our ever changing Indiana weather.

Flu Season:

Cold and flu season will be here before you know it. The basics will help keep you healthy. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and or sneezing. Getting a good night sleep and eating healthy foods will provide your body with the stamina it needs to get through the day and fight off viruses. If your child becomes ill and feels he or she can not participate in all of the school’s daily activities, keep them home. If your child has had diarrhea or vomiting within 24 hours, keep them home. Your child should be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine before returning to school.

Discuss with your physician whether it is appropriate to get a flu shot. As always seek out your physician if you are not feeling well and symptoms persist.


Just a reminder that students are not permitted to bring any medications to or from school. This includes over the counter medications- even cough drops! If your child needs to receive medication during the school day, please bring medications in and sign the permission form. Please call the Clinic at 860-4709 if you have any questions.

Denise Stanger R.N.

Gator of the Month

Congratulations to these Gators of the Month for October. Way to show your Gator G.R.E.A.T.S. Traits!

Miss Butz: Doran Lakes

Mr. Froning: Jacob Packer

Mrs. McNamee: Kate Comeau

Mrs. Miller: Kia Hasseld

Mrs. Monday: Brianna Mullen

Miss Bedwell: Rylin Banta

Mrs. Mitchell: Ava Stacy

Miss Swanson: Carly Holmes

Mrs. Sweetman: Cole Gilkison

Mrs. Webb: Jaxon Lucero

Mrs. Bryant: Grant Long

Mrs. Burns: Ethan Yeatts

Mrs. Fortner: Ava Peasley

Miss Moody: Dakotta Coltey

Mrs. Nurnberger: Eva Miranda

Mrs. Golden: Kaylie Grason

Miss Reynolds: Kelsey Humphries

Miss Trieb: Reece Koomler

Miss VanDeLaarschot: Ella Beckner

Mrs. Huber: Megan Wire

Mrs. McIntire: Thomas Kaminski

Mrs. Sirilla: Emily Rule

Mrs. Turner: Brett Duley

Mrs. Bassett: Olivia Barker

Mrs. Hayes: Noah Bradbury

Miss Moore: Alexis Ventimiglia

Mr. Roets: Symya Bullock

Mrs. Conrad/Art: Rachel Tuimuk mick

Mrs. Curtis/Gym: Clark Potchanant

Mrs. Mappes/Music Jacob Shelnutt

Thurston/Green/Library: Austin Dewitt

Mrs. Cade Katie Vinelli

Veteran’s Day Program

We hope that you can join us in honoring our Veterans with our Veteran's Day Program on Wednesday, November 11th at 9:30 a.m. Students will be presenting, singing, and honoring our Veterans.

Drawing Contest by Emerson Ashton

Hi gators do you like drawing well the best person do draw a summer theme wins. I would color it so then you might win and next month I will announce the winner so gators I will want to do it. And if you do it then maybe when you are done with your work you can work on the drawing contest if it is fine with your teacher. And I know that some of the gators like to draw and color. This is how it works every month I will tell you to draw then when you are done you will give it to and you can show everyone in the school ! sorry but I do not have a prize to give you. Write your first and last name and your teachers name.

It's not too late to join the South Creek PTO!

Have fun while helping our school!

South Creek Elementary School

Toni Stevenson, Principal

Nancy Rowland, School Treasurer

Marilyn Kellum, Receptionist

School Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 8:50-3:50

Wednesday (Early Release Day) 8:50 - 3:20