Gatsby's Party

Join us for a fun filled night at Gatsby's mansion. There will be Champagne, Claret, Sauterne, Tea (orange pekoe, black tea or green tea), Lemonade, Mint Juleps, Cordials and Gin Rickeys for drinks. Food wise we will have Baked ham, Hors d'oeuvers, Deviled eggs, Stuffed mushrooms, Crudites with dips, Salmon Mousse on sliced bread, Roasted nuts, Olives, Salads, Pastry pigs, Turkeys, Pig sausages, Mashed potatoes, Lemon cakes, and Cold Fried Chicken.

Gatsby's Summer NIghts

Saturday, July 1st 1922 at 7pm

Long Island, NY, United States


This party isn't just on the 1st but on every Saturday of the summer nights at Gatsby's mansion.


We wont just have a few small musicians but an entire orchestra! The types of instruments will be oboes and trombones and saxophones and viols and cornets and piccolos, and low and high drums. So please come out and enjoy live music and a gathering of friends!