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Monday, January 18, 2016

January 19 Professional Development Day

Remember that there is NO SCHOOL January 18 or 19 and January 19 is a PD Day for all staff except paraprofessionals and Library Media Assistants.

January 19 Dress Code is... JEANS!

The year long PD schedules and plan can be found in your shared Drive in the document, "2015-2016 PDC Shull School Year Calendar." Be sure to view the document live in your Drive but do not print the document as it is continually updated and revised.

To view the specific January 19 building assignments, visit this weblink to the Jan 19 Locations.

**Mrs. Morrison is Looking For a Class to Skype a Mystery Number With Them! Let Her Know if You Want to Try!**

You May Nominate Students for LEAP

The annual LEAP (Logic, Enrichment and Academic Pursuit intervention for 2nd-8th grade gifted students) nomination window opens January 4 and closes on January 29.

Parents or any staff member may nominate a student/students. Students currently in 1st grade through students currently in 7th grade may be nominated.

For more information regarding the nomination process including requirements and assessment procedures, click the link below:

The Future of our Shull Family

Many of you are wondering and speculating about the timeline of events surrounding the district's Long Range Facility Plan timeline and where you may end up when staff placement decisions are made.

Did you know that a descriptive timeline is published on the district's website and also includes attendance, capacity, patron input, land ownership and enrollment projection data? Click this link to view the long range plan and timeline .

As a key communicator, the expectation is that you familiarize yourself with the long range facility plan and timeline so you can accurately communicate information to others and answer questions with fact-based information.

Your input, ideas and suggestions for planning how the Shull "legacy" will live on with our students and staff are important!

What piece of Shull will our students take with them?

What structures can we build to ensure our kiddos will leave with lasting memories?

What supports will you put in place to provide comfort for students who are uneasy, sad or anxious about the transition?

Complete this Google Form to share your hunches about how families and students will respond to learning they are leaving Shull and to brainstorm ideas on how we can make next school year a year to remember for staff and students.

Upcoming Collaboration Dates

Tuesday Team Collabs with Dr. Mattingly

Thursday Team Collabs with Mrs. Kelch

Staff Meetings:

January 27 @ 7:30 am

February 17 @ 7:30 am

March 9 @ 7:30 am

SAT/BSAT Meetings:

January 20 - 8:15-11:45 am

February 10 - 9:00-11:00 am

February 24 - 9:0-11:00 am

BLT Meetings:

February 2 - 3:15-4:15 pm

February 12 - 3:15-4:15 pm

February 23 (BLT to Academy-Need A Sub)

March 2 (BLT to Creekmoor-Need A Sub)

Donuts With Deane @ 7:30 a.m.

February 18

March 17

April 21

PLC Collabs @ Shull w/Stephanie

March 14

April 20 - MO PLC Site Visit

BIST Collabs w/Jodi

February 10

March 15

April 13