American Sniper

The Most Lethal Sniper In U.S. History By: Chris Kyle

The American Sniper Playlist

This is a book about Navy Seal Chris Kyle who had the most sniper kills in history of the United States Military. This is a unforgettable book. The songs that I chose were Horse Power by: Chris Ledoux, American Soldier by: Toby Keith, Hero by: Skillet, and Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) by: Gary Allan.
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Horse Power

He started off as a bronc rider, so I chose this song for my opening statement because it shows how strong mentally and physically he was when he went to the military.

American Soldier

Chris Kyle, joined the military because he had wanted to fight for our country. He had to go to Sniper School because he was an outstanding shot. He was the top shot at Sniper School.


Chris was a War Hero because he had the most career Sniper kills in U.S. History. He was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor, and other numerous citations. I chose this song because the beat of the song is very powerful and moving just like war is.

Every Storm

I chose this song for the ending because Chris was going through hard times coping with thinking about people that he couldn't save. He also thought about killing people but his faith in God helped him get through the rough times.
I feel these are powerful songs that go with a powerful song.