Mrs. Wells' Reader

April 20th-24th

This Week's Focus

Reading-We are working on cause and effect, main idea, asking questions, determining important information while reading, and point of view.

Writing-The students will begin writing down interview questions that they will ask while on our field trip on May 1st.

Social Studies- We will continue to look at wants versus needs, and then look at local businesses to determine if they fulfill a want or a need.

Math-We are beginning our fraction unit this week. We will work with fractions on number lines and word problems.

Fundations-Students will learn how to read and spell r-controlled syllables in isolation and when combined with other syllable types. They will also learn there is an exception to the r-controlled rule: If the r is followed by another r, the preceding vowel is often short. In the second week, they will learn additional sounds for ar and or. They will later learn that the 1-1-1 spelling rule applies to r-controlled words.

Upcoming Events

  • April 24th-26th-Claxton School Play
  • April 24th-Spirit Day-Claxton Colors
  • May 1st-Spirit Day-Tropical Day
  • May 21st-Celebration of Learning and Potluck-Our class will be performing that night.

Wish List

We are in need for pencils. Any amount that can be donated would be greatly appreciated.

Field Trip

The third graders will be going on a field trip walking through Downtown Asheville on Friday, May 1st. The students will be conducting interviews at different businesses to learn about supply and demand, entrepreneurship, as well as wants and needs. Please fill out the permission slip as soon as possible, and have your child bring return it to school.