Charles R. Beaudoin

September 2018

Exciting September

September has been a great start to the 2018/2019 school year. We have seen lots of new friendships form and classes are working hard. This past week was very exciting and colourful with special days to support Terry Fox and Orange Shirt Day.

We hope you enjoy some of the pictures taken over this past month.

The Buddy Bench Arrived

Special thanks to our School Council for funding our new Buddy Bench! As we anxiously await to have our Buddy Bench installed on the playground, we are excited to have some of our older students lead a Primary/Junior assembly to teach us how to use it. If you want to know more check out this link!

October is Walk to School Month

Not only is it October next week, but it is also the start of Walk to School month! From October 1-5, it is Walk To School Week.

Start the day off right by getting up and using active transportation to get to your desired destination. October 3rd which is iWalk/iWheel day -- not only is this beneficial for the children but for you as well!

Check out, which has a trip counter to log the metres walked to school (or the bus) and a walk and roll map illustrating walk/bike times from the school.

Even when the month of October is over, active transportation is great way to travel to and from school or anywhere.

Make walking to school an adventure with Walk to School month!

Big picture

Growth Mindset

At CRB we are focusing our work on promoting a Growth Mindset with our students. Staff and learn more about how to promote Growth Mindset in our feedback. Want to learn more about Growth Mindest check out this link.