Get A Fun & Stable Job in Seremban

The Good Life Spa and Wellness Club - Oakland, S2

Are you looking for a career opportunity in Seremban?

Are you looking for a job that is stable and has long term opportunity?

Are you looking for intern opportunity and work directly under ambitious CEO?

Are you looking for career opportunity where you need a platform to grow your managerial skills and run companies?

What do we do?

We are a Spa and Wellness Club, meaning we are an exclusive membership based Spa that provides spa treatments and stress management programs. The Good Life Spa is currently at Oakland S2, Seremban. There are several positions available for you, if you are interested.

Our target market is ladies and family men in Seremban who is looking for quality massage from certified massage therapist, where it is safe and proper and not (shady).

Our mission is to "Bring the Good Life" to everybody

"The Good Life" to us means: better health, better wealth, more love, more happiness.

What is it like to work in "Good Life Spa"

  • Imagine yourself, working with teammates from all over the world. Indonesia, Bali, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnamese. Make friend from all culture.

  • Have the opportunity to learn and grow your career in the Spa industry. If you are ambitious, we will grow you as a manager and eventually take over our branches.

  • Work in team environment where we always welcome ideas and contributions.

  • Be train and coached from the best. You will work under ambitious CEO and Manager.

  • Work in a Positive and relaxing spa environment.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work Here

1. You get a stable secure job because our industry is growing and expanding. We are planning to expand many branch also. Our service is always in high demand. You will find a good long term career here.

2. Do work that matter. Our customers are always grateful and happy when they leave our spa.

3. Work in a company where our job is to make friends with people and make them happy. Service is part of your job.

4. You get meet new people everyday, never a boring job. There's always something new opportunity to meet people in our spa.

5. Grow with us. Honestly, we're looking for a good attitude team, so we can train you to become management material so you can take over our branches. We have big plans to expand and grow other business.

Take a Look inside our spa

Who will you report to?

Hi my name is Ms Elaine Ng. Me and my partners founded this spa because we want to build a safe, clean and good spa for the ladies in Seremban as well as for our personal family and friends. We aim to create the Good Life Spa to be a boutique, upscale international spa experience at a very unbeatable price for Seremban families. I hope you believe in our mission and join our team and grow together.

What's the job?

Position Available - Relationship Manager


  • As relationship manager, you will be in charge of all communications with spa guest, coming over to relax, get their down time, and relief stress.

  • You will be the first person to greet clients, make them feel at home and welcome, and introduce the best suitable spa experience according to their needs.

  • After the wonderful experience, you will surprise our guest with presents, and give them invitation to our exclusive, limited edition spa experiences, if they qualified.

  • You will follow up with our guests, to as a courtesy reminder for them to remember to return for their next appointment, as part of our VIP service.


  • Confident in communicating in English, Chinese, and Malay. (by confident, i mean you don't have to be 100% perfect grammar or vocabulary, but you can speak fluently, and your clients understand you completely.

  • Likeable and pleasant personality, people do business with people they like. If you can easily make friends and connect with all types of people, then you're right for the job.

  • Customer service and giving WOW experience everytime. We will give you our best "ritz-carlton" customer service training and ideas to "wow" clients. But you have to be committed to want to give good service all the time.

  • Extroverted personality: you prefer socializing, building relationships, making friends. There are introverted people, and there is extroverted ones. This job is for the extroverted.

Positions - Guest service officer


  • As guest service officer, you will be in charge of all front desk area operations. Everything related to The front desk area (which is the first place guest enter and leaves), you are in charge.

  • You will assist the Relationship Manager, and be in charge of communication with clients when she is not around.

  • You will handle all operations part of front desk, including cashier, telephone booking, scheduling, and general customer service activities.


  • Know basic English, Chinese and Malay so you can communicate with guest. Preferred language: You need to be able to read and write English also.

  • Preferred skills : Microsoft words, excel, google Chrome/ Firefox, Android/iPhone,

  • Able to follow procedures and do routine administration activities.


Intern positions are available for 3 - 6 months.

How to Join the team?

1. Fill in the application form

2. Email me at with the email
subject title "Smore job application"

and write the email : "I have just submitted my job application. I wish to know more about the job." Write the email in size 14 font.

3. email me your resume if you have one. (i prefer you have one)

If you are a student, and have zero work experience, write a resume anyways, let me know more about your skills, school project, personal projects you're working on.

What happens after you submited your application form?

We will read your application form and your resume. If you are short listed, we will contact you to arrange interview.

The interviews are a chance to get to know each other better, and for you to tell us what makes you stand out from the crowd. You can share your career goals, your skills and strengths, as well as areas where you would like to grow. You will get insights into life at Mindvalley and our culture. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Tips to Apply

1. know what you want: Study the job positions and decide whether is the job suitable for you. Try to understand the job. The jobs are not suitable for everyone. If you need to know more, prepare your questions, so we can answer them during interview.

2. try to understand what we do: If you don't have enough information, we expect you to ask the questions during interview. we prefer to work with people who want to work longer term, and want a future in this industry.

3. Interview tips: relax, come in with positive attitude, ask questions about the job, the industry, the future opportunities and we will be impressed. Ask question about money before anything else, and might as well look for other jobs.

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Share this page to your friends, and win RM 100 or (RM150 worth complete Spa Relaxation Experience)

If your friend actually got the job, and gave us your name for introducing this job to them, we will give you RM100 or (RM150 worth complete Spa Relaxation Experience) for the introduction and a thank you :)