Extinct Languages: Dessert

By: Nicole Robinson and Emily Dahl

The Emergence of Previously Extinct Languages

Language is a really important part of culture. The dominance of Pop culture causes Folk culture to slowly die out, and with it language. Sometimes you will see languages die out, but sometimes languages will re-emerge due to a lot of different reasons. Isolation is the biggest factor in how language start and sometimes how they re-emerge.

Conflict and language re-emergence

The Flemings and Walloons in Belgium

The country of Belgium is divided into two different language boundaries. Southern Belgians(known as Walloons) speak French, while northern Belgians(known as Fleming) speak Dutch. Antagonism between the Flemings and Walloons is aggravated by economic and political differences. Because of these two groups of people the country is divided into two regions. Each language is dominant in its region. The Flemings and Walloons want the country of Belgium to be divided into two independent countries.

Where is (Irish) Gaelic, Cornish, and Hebrew Spoken?

Hebrew: Hebrew is now spoken as one of the two official languages in Israel and was traditionally spoken by the Jewish people.

(Irish Gaelic): True to its name, Irish Gaelic is spoken in Ireland as one of the two official languages as well as other countries in Europe by people that are from Ireland.

Cornish: This language is spoken mostly in the region of Cornwall, which is in England.