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Antrim Elementary School May 22, 2020

This Newsletter is Full of Information You Don't Want to Miss

AES families,

I can't believe I am preparing this letter in anticipation for the last week of school. This has been quite a year! As we wind down the year, I am reflective of the fact that we have all shown great flexibility in the best interest of our children. I thank you all for your commitment to AES and to our students.

Here are a few reminders about next week.

Monday - No school - Memorial Day

Wednesday - Field Day

Friday - Morning Zooms to say goodbye, 4th grade move-up ceremony, and 1:30 car parade (see details below)

Keep reading on to get information about the car parade, returning devices, and picking up student belongings.

Important Instructions Below

Plans for the Reverse Parade

Next Friday, May 29th at 1:30 - 2pm, AES staff will be lined up outside of GBS and AES to wave to you and your children into the summer. We invite you to drive by slowly and wave . The teachers will be modeling social distancing, and we ask that you not stop your car and get out. Your safety and the safety of our staff is very important, so we don't want to make sure we keep a safe distance between all of us. Please know that we miss you very much, and we all look forward to being together again.

Returning Student Technology Devices

The ConVal technology team has been working with each of the buildings to develop a plan to collect student devices after school ends on the 29th. It is important that devices be collected as they are cleaned and updated each summer. Due to Remote Learning support this spring, many devices needed to be swapped out for repairs, this summer collection will allow us to ensure that each student starts next year with the correct model.

1:1 Chromebooks and devices lent out to families for Remote Learning (Chromebooks and mobile hotspots) will be collected at the high school and both middle schools. Each of these schools are arranging times for students to pick up items from the school. Technology items can be dropped off during these times. Additionally, staff will be available to collect technology at these locations from 8am - 4pm weekdays from June 1st - 12th. We are looking to provide additional evening and weekend hours for families that are unable to drop off devices during these times.

Elementary families that received technology to support Remote Learning can drop off devices at any of the 3 locations. Additionally, families that have multiple students with devices only need to drop off at one of the locations. When dropping off the devices please make sure that the charger for each device is also included.

Picking up Student Belongings

Teachers are currently in the process of gathering all student belongings and placing them in labeled bags. During the following dates and times, families are invited to drive up to the front door of AES to collect student belongings. The bags will be placed outside and will be clearly labeled. We will also have bins where you can drop off any library books or items that you need to return to school (except technology). If you have children in multiple grades, please call Sarah (588-6371) to arrange a pickup of the entire family's belongings. Pickup times will be between 8:30 am - 3:30 pm every day.

Monday - June 1 - grade 4

Tuesday - June 2 - Grade 3

Wednesday - June 3 - Grade 2

Thursday - June 4 - grades K & 1

Friday - June 5 - All grades by appointment (Call Sarah to arrange a time)

Click on the Link Below to see an article about AES & UDL

The Black Fly Art Show - You're Invited to Participate

The Black Fly Community Art Show this year is a little different. People can email pictures of their art or videos to or on Saturday, May 30th, they can display their art on our lawn so that people can see it when they drive through the parking lot. This feels like a good time to create!!