Jing Review #2

Enable Mart

This doesn't have to be costly

As stated in the reading, "These days when the words assistive technology are employed, the image of acomputer comes to the forefront. The reality however is that for centuries, teachers were incorporating“low” tech assistive technological alternatives into their programs to aide their students’ success (Lewis,1998)." Not all technology has to come to a computer, it also comes from testing material that is under 100 dollars. As a teacher and therapist assistant, this is something I would use because not always will people have the money to purchase thousands of dollars of equipment. They can find one that is simple that doesn't attract attention, but helps their student learn in the classroom.

Let's find the solution

The reading also discussed "If the student cannot read with vision, then educators must elicit another avenue to help the student learn to read. Teachers can provide work that has been translated into braille they can present the materials being taught in an auditory manner, depending on the student and their learning style (Burgstahler & Nourse, 2000)." There are so many options available for students to find him with online. From writing differences to serve problems in learning atmospheres, there are numerous tools available for students and parents to find introduce to the student for support. I would use this website to refer parents to find tools or for me to find tools that could easily help students with disabilities become independent and work in a regular mainstream classroom.