September 7-11



Progress for students in grades 2-5 sent home on Wednesday

Grade level power up meetings start this week. All grade level teachers and teachers teaching remediation and intervention will attend these meetings. Please bring base line data for possible intervention students.

Faculty Meeting on Wednesday at 3:30 in Library. Bring one objective you have used in your lesson planning this year.

Please use this link for field trip request. Two field trips per grade level.

See teacher handbook for guidelines of planning field trips.

Data Day Agenda

- Universal Screening data that has been completed

- Update on assessments given to students in interventions

Just a reminder that our PTB is a very supportive organization for our school. If possible please join this organization!

College Courses are no longer a requirement for recertification.

Bus Drill Schedule

Wednesday, Sept 9- Please bring your students to the bus loop at the assigned times

Kindergarten - 1:45 3rd Grade- 11:45

1st Grade- 1:00 4th Grade - 9:45

2nd Grade - 11:00 5th Grade - 9:00

Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Every year our very supportive North River Ruritan's have a teacher appreciation dinner. Please complete the attached google form by the end of the day on Tuesday so I can give them a count. Please make every effort to attend. The dinner is in our cafeteria on Tuesday, Sept 15.

Make sure you scroll down on form and click on submit.

Vocabulary Instruction

Research on Vocabulary Instruction to help you chose your 5 words

Some words are more important to teach that others. Tier 1 words are those that students already know when they come to school (clock, baby, happy). Tier 2 words are high frequency words students will likely encounter in their school reading yet probably don't know well (coincidence, absurd, industrious). Tier 3 words are domain-specific words, such as peninsula, metamorphic, which are primarily used in content areas.

Tier 1 words don't need to be taught explicitly because students already know them and Tier 3 words should be introduced during content area classes. Teachers should base most vocabulary instruction on Tier 2 words.

Beck, I.L., M.G. McKeown, and L. Kucan. 2002. Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction. New York: Guildford Press

Overturf, B.J., Montgomergy, L.H., and Smith, M.H. Word Nerds. Portland, Maine: Stenhouse Publishers.

Technology Tip

Free Technology for Teachers website