On the Road to the White House (by: Aubrie Huddleston)

Recent News

Public Policy Polling's new Iowa poll is continuing to find Donald Trump in the lead. Trump is leading with 31% while Ted Cruz is behind him with 23%. Marco Rubio is at 14%, Ben Carson is at 9%, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul all have 4%, Carley Fiorina has 3%, Chris Christie and John Kasich each have 2%, and John Jim Gilmore and Rick Santorum trail behind with only 1% of the votes. At the start of the presidential race, Carson and Trump were both leading in the polls, but over the last few weeks Carson has dropped while Trump has maintained his lead. Trump is believed to lead in the Iowa caucuses with 46% of votes and Carson is believed to come up right behind him with 39%. Trump is also the favorite going into the New Hampshire primaries.

Campaign Financing

In total, Carson as raised 64.2 million dollars. He himself has raised 54.0 million dollars and he has recieved 10.1 million dollars from super PACS and other PACS. Carson has 11.3 million dollars cash on hand and has received 31.1 million dollars from small donations. In the third quarter, Carson has spend 14.2 million dollars.