Pups in PE

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Physical Education program at CO Wilson Middle School. We hope that this year will be a rewarding school year for you, that this year will add to your enjoyment, knowledge of health related issues, and physical education concepts and skills.

There are numerous activities in which you will be able to participate in physical education. Many of these will be team activities in which you and your classmates will have opportunities to work and play together to acquire knowledge of game rules and strategies in play. We will also focus on developing a sense of individual and group responsibilities, cooperation, sportsman-like behavior, and respect for the rights of others. At the same time, we will work to promote an understanding of the benefits of exercise that will be useful throughout middle school and high school years and hopefully extend into adulthood.

There will be an emphasis placed on developing and maintaining a high level of physical fitness through active participation. When participating in class activities, the objective will be to progress towards improvement of skills rather than perfection. Focus will be placed upon personal effort and improvement as a way of increasing self-esteem and personal fitness.

We are looking forward to another fun and rewarding year in PE this year, and we hope you are as well!