CD @ BSD 124

Not Real August 2016

Skill of Composure; Power of Perception; Structure of Safe Place

Belly Breathing and Wish Wells

It May Seem So Simple

Diaphragmatic breathing may seem like such a simple thing to do, but it can be so powerful. Here is a way to see if you are doing belly breathing or chest breathing: Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly. Take a deep breath. If your hand on your belly went out first, then you are belly breathing. If the one on your chest moved first, then you are taking shallow, chest breaths.

Wishing Well Ritual

Wishing well asks kids and adults to notice and think of others and to send them well wishes. Often, people do this as a way to wish well students who are absent or who are having a hardship in their life.

For older students, this can be a check in of "What's up and what do you need from your teacher?" This can be filled out on a paper and put into a box anonymously or with a name on it if the student wants the teacher to talk to him or her.