This Week in Fourth Grade

March 9-13

SBAC Tests

This week you will be invited to "SBAC Prep Week 4" sessions. Again, you will have several dates and times to choose from and you only need to attend ONE session. You also need to attend your SBAC/RLA classes given by Mrs. Bitter and Mrs. Mortier, as they will review the content that you need to know for the test. There are no tutorials for you to watch this week, but you should watch the previous week's, if you have not already. Also, you should be receiving your testing dates and locations this week! Please let me know if you do not receive this information by Friday or if you have any concerns.

March Checkpoint

It is already time for another checkpoint! Your March Checkpoint is due by March 20, 2015. Remember that these assignments are worth 10% of your final grade! Please visit to access your Checkpoint.

Progress Reports

We are almost halfway through the 3rd quarter! Progress Reports should be sent out right before Spring Break. Remember, your grades are calculated based on progress in your OLS. You need to make at least 2.5-3% progress in EVERY course EVERY week in order to stay on track.

Contacting Me

If you need reach me, please feel free to send me a kmail any time or call me at 702-407-1825 ext. 7209.