Savannah Shout Out!

Savannah Elementary, January Edition

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Straight from the Principal's Pen

Happy New Year Savannah Families!

Hello and welcome back to the second semester of the school year! It is hard to believe it is 2016 and we are halfway through the year. The second semester brings state testing, transition planning for 5th graders, and many other activities for students and teachers alike. I am certain the second semester will go as smoothly as the first.

In an effort to ensure our students and parents are safe I want to remind you of traffic patterns at our school. Many of our bus drivers have communicated concern about traffic at dismissal. Please take time to review the policy below. It is taken directly from the parent handbook you were given when you registered your child for school.

Thank you for your support of our teachers and staff members.

Mr. Mac

Dismissal Reminder from the Parent Handbook

The school day ends at 2:50 p.m. It is crucial that arrangements be made for your child to be picked up on time. School personnel are unable to supervise students after 3:05 p.m.

  • Extended Day – Extended Day students will report to the gym.
  • Walkers and bike riders - Walkers and bike riders are dismissed through the doors out the back of the building. These students will walk along the sidewalks to the playground or around to the Savannah subdivision. Bike riders will also walk their bikes along this route until they are clear of the playground to then ride their bikes home. Walkers should not walk to your car in the front circle. If you are picking up your child by car, please go through the back pick up line.
  • Car riders - Car riders will be held in the cafeteria until their car tag number is called. Students will begin loading at 3:00 p.m. We ask that the adult driving the car remain in the cars as they arrive at the loading zone. Please do not park your car in the driveway or get out of your vehicle, as this will slow the process and create a hazardous situation. Detailed instructions will be given as the car tags are issued.

NOTE: If you need to come inside the building or talk with a teacher, we ask that you park in the front parking lot and check in at the front desk. Keep in mind that even in emergencies, only the people listed on the Student Enrollment Card will be allowed to pick up a student - no exceptions. Both parents/legal guardians will have the right to pick up their children unless the school has legal documents that designate otherwise. ANY PARENT OR EMERGENCY CONTACT SIGNING OUT A STUDENT PRIOR TO THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSE IN ORDER FOR US TO RELEASE THE STUDENT.

Dates to Mark...

January 8th...Awards Assembly (The Force is with OUR Students--Star Wars Dress) Masks & light sticks are allowed for the assembly. These items will be teacher's discretion in the classroom.

January 12th...5th grade STAAR simulation (Reading)

January 18th...MLK Day -- No School

Springer's Spotlight

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Counselor's Corner

Handling Conflict Healthy

With some simple tips from the Love and Logic Institute, parents can give their kids powerful skills for turning disagreements and conflicts into win-win solutions. All relationships experience conflict. People who understand this…and know how to maintain friendships in the face of friction...enjoy a lifetime of happiness. Those who lack these skills struggle through a life filled with broken relationships. Apply the following tips, and give your kids the skills they deserve:

Tip #1: Remember that children learn the most about relationships by observing how we handle ours.

How parents handle conflicts in their marriage is typically how their children will handle conflicts in their friendships and future marriages. What we do in front of our kids is far more powerful than how we tell them to live their lives.

Tip #2: Don't make the mistake of trying to create a conflict-free family.

There's no doubt that kids suffer tremendously when they see their parents yell, argue and fight. It's never helpful for children to witness this type of behavior.

It's also unhealthy for kids to see their parents stuff their emotions and try to pretend that nothing is wrong. This sends the unhealthy message that problems are to be avoided rather than solved.

Children are incredibly sensitive to unspoken tension, and they suffer great anxiety when their parents try to hide conflicts that need to be addressed.

Tip #3: Have some healthy disagreements or conflicts in front of your kids.

Children need to see their parents disagreeing, expressing their emotions in assertive ways, and tackling conflicts head on. It's healthy for kids to hear parents say things like, "It makes me mad when I try to use the car and it has no gas" or "It's frustrating to me when it doesn't seem like you are listening to me please put down your phone."

Tip #4: Use the lingo of problem-solving and compromise.

Children also need to hear us saying things like, "How can we solve this problem?" "Let's compromise." "I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings" "Here are some possible solutions…"

Tip #5: Use commonsense about what you discuss in front of your kids.

Wise parents discuss very sensitive topics only when and their children cannot hear. One mother remarked, "I realize now that my husband and I were actually making it harder for our kids to have happy relationships. By trying to keep all of our disagreements a secret, we were robbing them of opportunities to see how problems can be solved. We were also creating a lot of unspoken tension that was draining the life out of our marriage."

She continued, "After following the tips you suggested, I witnessed our six-year-old arguing over a toy. I could hardly stop giggling when I heard him say, 'How can we solve this problem? Let's play something else.' That sure beats the whining contests I used to hear!"

Get started with Love and Logic today…and enjoy happier and more responsible kids tomorrow!

Big Idea for January is SELF-CONTROL

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There's an APP for that!

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Best apps for kids is a website FULL of grade level, content specific apps that will engage your child in their learning at home and on the road. This website offers a variety of apps easily categorized by what you are looking for. It even offers a Free App Friday and will send a notification to your email to inform you of the free app of the week. Check this amazing resource out!

Nurse Athey's News

Reminder to Parents: Medication policy

Tis the season for asthma, coughs and illness which gives us an opportunity to talk about Denton ISDs medication policy.

Stay off the Naughty list this NEW YEAR: All medicines are to be administered by the school nurse which includes over the counter medications such as cough drops, syrups and Tylenol. Nursing staff may only administer over the counter medicine with a doctor’s prescription and they must be kept in the Health Room. Elementary students may carry their inhaler only with a doctor’s order saying the child may carry it. The nurse will have the child demonstrate proper use of the inhaler before they may carry it. All medicines must be in their original containers and inhalers must have a pharmacy label.

Make 2016 Count: These rules are meant for the safety of all students on our campus. Please call Nurse Athey if you have any questions regarding your student and their medication needs. 972-347-3405. To fax an order from the doctor’s office to the nurse: 972-346-3352.

BHS Spirit Day - January 8th!!

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Community Involvment

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