1:1 Chromebook Innovation Pilot

By: Erin Schmitz

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We Want Chromebooks

Current Technology Status


Currrently, Deerfield just received our 2nd lab and we are trying our best to keep up technology-wise with the newer schools around us . This January, our upper grade classrooms will be getting new and improved access points with the intent to utilize BYOD and our new schoolwide Chromecart. Up until now our students were extremely limited with the amount of meaningful projects they could do due to time restraints, surveys, and lab availability. Our hope is that with some new technology and staff training we will be able to close the tech gap between our school and other schools.

My Classroom

In room 17, I practically utilize every device we have daily. From the document camera, to air server, and our 9 classroom devices, I try to make the most of what we have by creating stations or using Class Dojo's "Random Picker" to fairly choose students for device usage. Last year we only had 6 devices, so I wrote a DonorsChoose grant for 3 Chromebooks. We were funded in less than a week! This has allowed us to have one station of 9 students at a time using digital devices of some sort. While two of our devices are iPads, they are mostly used for presentations, as the students find them temperamental because they will often freeze and need restoring.

This year and last, I implemented BYOD in my classroom, however, this year very few students have the ability to participate in the program due to lack of funds. My goal if I achieve the Chromebook Cart is to make things more equitable in my classroom when it comes to technology. Most importantly, I hope to better prepare my students for their futures through meaningful and engaging learning tools.

Current Daily Applications

Motivational Quotes

I start off our day with an inspirational quote, curated using Blendpace. With the internet, everything is at our fingertips and I find this a great way to start off the day and motivate my students.


Canvas is an imperitive tool in our classroom. From homework, to discussions, quizzes and much more, this is a one stop shop for students. With the possibility of every child having a Chromebook, the options are endless of what I could do using this site each day in class.

Google Suite

In our class we regularly use:

  • Google Docs for writing and peer editing/revising
  • Forms: Quizzes, Job Applications, Surveys
  • Slides for delivering presentations

Google Classroom

I use this fantastic new tool daily in our classroom to push out and share documents as well as links.

Flipped Math

This year I have been trying out "flipped teaching" in math. While it was a rough transition at first, I feel students and parents now are really enjoying the opportunities it has allowed to happen the next day in the class. It gives students more time to ask questions and get the help they need from me during class time. It also helps the parents with the new Common Core strategies that many are not as familiar with. I currently use Smore to curate all my lessons and embed them into my class Canvas page for my students to easily find.

My Flipped Math Links

Chromebook Cart Pontentials

Writing Benefits

By using Google Docs, students are able to share their essays and collaborate seemlessly. Peer editing is a cinch and students appear to enjoy the immediate feedback they get on their writing.

In a 1:1 Chromebook environment, students would be able to write their rough drafts in class instead of first on paper and later transferring it. Also, students would be able to immediately share their writing with peers and start the editing and revision process much sooner.

Google Math Drawings

Google Math Drawings are something I learned from my pal, Darin Nakakihara at OC CUE. What a great concept to incorporate technology while engaging kids in their math problems. Students absolutely LOVE it! I found some fabulous 5th grade multi-part math problems that I've used as a stepping stone to create my students Google Math Drawings. By combining these problems with the A-C-E (answer, cite, explain) concept, my students have gained a better understanding of how to solve real life situations.

With 1:1 Chromebooks, students would no longer have to be in groups of 3-4 to complete these problems. Students are often crammed around our classroom computers/devices during this time. Students would be able to do their own problem and then share with others how they may have solved the problem differently. This quickly opens the door to collaborating with others and having students gain new perspectives from other students.

Teaching Tweets

Because of flipping my math instruction, I have been able to help more of the struggling students each day in a one to one setting. Students watch a short video or two each night and then the following day in class I have created a "math teaching tweet" where the students will show me what they have learned and if they understand the lesson. The students who have a difficult time getting the correct answer will be in a small group with me during math rotations so that they can get a better grasp on the concept(s). The teaching tweets take a few minutes at the beginning of class and I am able to quickly assess where everyone is at.

With 1:1 Chromebooks, students could do these online and quickly submit them using Google Classroom. They could also share their methods and comment on other student's work by using the "share" button in Google Suite. The commenting option in Google is a powerful tool to make our classroom feel smaller and close-knit.

Teaching Tweet In Action Video

Math Teaching Tweet
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Endless Possibilities

The classroom activities above are just a few of the opportunities that we could engage in daily if our class received the Chromebooks. Below is a short list of other things I would try to utilize regularly in our classroom if our class received the Chromebooks:

  • Literature Responses on Padlet and Answer Garden
  • Webquests
  • Screencasted Videos for my students
  • Skype Pals with another class across the world
  • Student Blogging
  • Flipped Social Studies
  • Flipped Science

We hope you decide our classroom is Chromebook worthy!