What were/are some of the events that led to this conflict?

-assassination of archduke franz ferdinand of austria and then the allies formed-by serbian assassinas that wanted to be free from the empire

-Austro-Hungarians declared war on serbia

Who were/are the people/countries involved?

-Allies won(Triple entente, United Kingdom, British empire, France and Russian empire)

- Central Power lost (Germany, Austria-hungary and Italy)

- later on in the war USA, Canada and Japan joined the Allies and Ottoman empire and Bulgaria joined Central power

What was the outcome or what is the pending outcome?

-7M civilians and 9M+ combatants died

-End of German, Russians, Ottoman and Austro-hungarian empires

-Formation of new countries in Europe and the Middle East

What impact did or has this conflict had on society?

-a lot of people died

-advancement in technology

-homes were destroyed and they had evacuate their homes

-the soldiers weren't the same after the war, because of the horror of trench warfare they

developed post traumatic stress disorder also known as shell shock

What change(s) resulted from this conflict?


-new countries were made

-peace treaty-treaty of versailles-signed on 28 june 1919

-germany had to accept the responsibility and her allies for causing all the loss and damage

Did any positive outcomes result? If so what were they?

  • New countries being formed

  • Better technology (factories, machines and better weapons)