Ulises Aparicio's Digital Journal


Feb. 12

Hello, my name is Ulises.

Stinging Dust, Forgotten Lives

It all began in the 1930s

after Chapter 3, Write about the fight scene

Curley stepped in, as well as Slim, Carlson, and Whit. Slim was arguing with Curley about his wife and when Candy said "Glove fulla Vaseline", that got things heated. Curley thought Lennie was laughing at him, when in reality he was smiling at the memory of the future ranch. Curley demanded Lennie to fight him. Lennie was frightened and just stood there taking shots from Curley until he started bleeding from the nose. Lennie told George to make him stop but Curley kept hitting him as he was being cornered to a wall. George demanded Lennie to hit him but Lennie didn't. Slim wanted to step up and fight Curley but George held him back and told Lennie to get him. As Lennie's face was covered with blood, he got a hold of Curley's swinging fists and crushed one of his hands. Curley was flopping around like a fish and George imperiously kept repeating to Lennie to let him go. George slapped Lennie to let go of Curley but he kept holding on, Curley turned white and shrunk as he became weaker by the second. He was crying as he was lost in Lennie's hand. Lennie finally let go and they were sent to a doctor. They agreed to never speak of what just happened.