potential energy VS kinetic energy

The battles of the gladitiators

Potential energy

Potential energy is something that doesn't move but it has the power to move.

Could be very deadly sometimes when it move because of the of the potential it has in it

Kinetic energy

It's motion due to the position of the potential energy
but it need something to make it still go.
it has a deadly strike to it but could be stop pretty easly, sometimes

potential energy (charateristic)

  • headphones just laying down-its doing nothing but it has the power to BLOW OUT your ears if it was loud enough
  • iphone turn off-it has power to turn ON and run apps and call, text too.
  • glasses laying on the counter-it cant do nothing but it has enrgy to make you see more

kinetic energy (charateristic

  • a bike movig becouse when it is moving it is kinetic energy
  • humans becouse they are all ways moving
  • computer when it is running

Jorge Luis negron

I was the one to make this