Police Brutality

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Rodney King

The first famous police brutality case. In 1991, King was tasered and beaten by LAPD officers, and the media picked up on the incident and heavily publicized it. Riots resulted.

Mar 3 1991


Kelly Thomas

Thomas was a mentally ill and homeless man killed by police officers which sparked a nationwide outcry.

Died on July 10 2011 but police officers beat him on July 5


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Michael Brown

Brown was an unarmed black teenager shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer on the street Ferguson, Missouri. Some said he had his hands up in the air and the shooting led to protests and some violence for 10 days.

Died on August 9 2014


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Harry “Dan” Tessien

Officer Yair Oaxaca fired a beanbag shotgun at the pickup’s back window, sending a spray of shattered glass throughout the cab. Tessien leapt out of his seat, and Oaxaca fired a beanbag into his abdomen. Officer Rodney Garcia delivered two more rounds because Tessien still had not raised his hands. This man was deaf.


Sureshbhai Patel

Mr Patel was left partially paralysed, his family says, after being beaten by police in Alabama.


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