Cool Literacy Integration "Helper Tools" in Social Studies

Help Me! Literacy Integration and Primary Documents

Has literacy integration and using primary documents got you bummed? Are you stressed out wondering how you will use primary documents with your students when the text is too difficult and their vocabulary is limited? Well, stress no more! Check out! Hopefully, this awesome website will help you provide access to authentic text for your most struggling readers!

From is a powerful, free, online reading comprehension and vocabulary development software. It helps people understand difficult English faster, helps them learn words in new ways, and helps teachers create high interest learning materials from any English text passage.

Share and Share Alike

Tenika Mercer shared this wonderful site with me. She's a good friend and colleague. And what do good friends/colleagues do? They share what works!!! When you use rewordify and find that it's the best thing since sliced bread...share the love!!!

Chasity Lewis

K-5 Social Studies/Healthful Living Educational Specialist