Welcome to 6th grade Earth Science

Lauren Bowers Period 7

Earthquake PBL

This project was about making a house that can withstand a 10 second earthquake. Your house has to be made with only a few materials. This is the Driving Question: How can we as a structional engineer construct a 2 story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand semic activity? This project helped me understand the diffrent types of earthquakes. The shake table demo helped me understand what it would be like if an earthquake did occur.

Video about interview


This is my video of the shake table demo lab! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz4nRCWOXPHiQ2RLcFF0UUtOVTg

30 Hands Project

This project taught me what is happening around the world. This project helped me understand what the green house effect was, ans what it was causing. This project was super fun. The 30 hands video taping was fun too. I enjoyed making all the pic collages.


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Invention Convention

We are solving land pollution, and non reusable energy. We have solar pannels on top of our golf cart, to reuse the energy. On the bottom of the cart we have a vacume that sucks up the trash that it rolls over.

Extra Credit

Weathering was my favorite unit. Weathering was super fun because I saw what a river did to the ground. My favorite lab was a rivers run. I liked this lab because we got to make something out of paper. I also liked the stream table demo because we got to go outside and do the demo.
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