MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 7

4 October 2019

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Mental Health Staff, Administration and their Support Staff

Thank you so much for going out of your way to welcome me to Mountain Range. I love how much you value you place on the School Based Therapist role. I appreciate all of the collaboration with our mutual kiddos.

Alyson Dinkin


Shout out to Admin for a yummy breakfast. We appreciate you.

Jessica Monahan

Thanks to our Administration for the pancake breakfast.

Shelley Newman

Conference Shout-Outs

To Jared Martinez, BJ Clisham, Eddee Chavez, Paul Ferraresi, Barb Meier, Tyler Hayes, Shelby Schnabel: Thank you for all of you teamwork in setting up for conferences.

Thank you to everyone who helped take down signs, tables and chairs etc. after conferences.

Thank you, Trica LaRue for making all the signs for conferences.

I would also like to thank Tricia LaRue and Eddee Chavez for passing out the report cards at parent teacher conferences.

I greatly appreciate all the teamwork!!!

Shelley Newman

Meggan Andolesk & Erica Wray

Thank you so much for the blood (figuratively), sweat and tears you put into your work with the students on the Affective Needs caseload. Your desire to want to see these students succeed in all areas of education and their life is not going unnoticed by many. What you do is amazing and I appreciate you so much!

Jo Acker

Geri Clark

Shout out to Geri Clark who keeps my attendance correct when I forget to change Absent to Tardy.

Jessica Monahan

Shyann Copas

Shout out to Shyann for always being there when we need you!

Jessica Monahan

Julie Enger

Shout out to Julie for giving us much needed time on Wednesday. Thank you!

Jessica Monahan

Tyler Hayes

Shout out to Heavy - Thanks for playing with the kids yesterday!

Jessica Monahan

Susanne Metzler

Shout out to Susanne Metzler - You are the most amazing team mate and I would be lost without you.

Jessica Monahan

Sunni Nucci

Shout out to Sunni for always having the best copy room conversations.

Jessica Monahan

Brandon Salling

Shout out to Brandon for coming out to support 4 Square 4 Farm Animals yesterday.

Jessica Monahan

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MRHS Shout-Outs

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