Welcome to Pioneer's Open House!

Ishan Pranav's 6th Grade Open House Flyer


The purpose of this project was to build a sturdy house out of common materials such as popsicle sticks and toothpicks, that would withstand a miniature earthquake. My group and I needed to apply our knowledge of earthquake-proof building techniques, such as using cross braces and a sturdy foundation. We also needed to apply our knowledge of high earthquake risk areas in California, to pick a place for Tony to live where there was a low chance of a major earthquake occurring.

Driving Question

The diving question for this project was, "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?" This was the main focus of our Earthquakes PBL project.

Our Design

Our design for Tony Stark's new house was a house made of popsicle sticks that had earthquake-proof cross-braces and a clay foundation. It also had string, toothpicks, and much more clay to keep the walls together.

What I Learned

This project taught me many different methods structural engineers use to build structures that can withstand powerful earthquakes.

The Atmosphere and Human Impact

This project taught me a lot about the greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, and pollution. I also learned the difference between global warming, and climate change. My favorite part of the project was creating the slides in PicCollage. This is because I was able to create my own presentation however I wanted to. You can see it all in the video below.

Invention Convention

Our Invention

For our innovation, my group and I created an improved bicycle. This bicycle, called the Velo, creates energy using wind power and the kinetic energy from the pedaling rider. Once the energy is generated, it is stored in a battery. This energy can then be used to power a phone charger or any other appliance that uses a wall outlet as a power source. This bicycle is not stationary, so it gives the rider means of transportation and a power source at the same time.

How Does It Help?

Our invention helps the environment by solving the environmental problem of pollution. The main reason for pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. Our invention creates energy without burning fossil fuels, and it is an alternative to driving cars, which decreases the amount of fossil fuels burned.