Ask an Expert

Max 8th grade 2015-16


If you are getting bullied, you want to have friends to go to. Get a teacher to help you to solve your problem. Go to the counselors. They will solve it so fast, and it won't happen again. Stand up for yourself. Your friends will have your back. Never let it get to you.

Upstairs and Downstairs

Some class are upstairs. Some are downstairs. It all depends on who your teacher is. Each grade has its own hall. The sixth grade has the first hall downstairs. Then seventh has the next hall downstairs by the library. Eighth grade is upstairs. Most electives are near P.E.


We have clubs and Enrichment. Enrichment is on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Clubs are on Tuesday and Thursday. We have a lot of different kinds clubs. You can choose a different one each time. My favorite club to go to is Fandom Club. We read, write, draw, and have discussions about our favorite subject.


To try out for band all you have to do is come to tryouts and pick which instrument you like. I played tuba. It's very heavy, but it's exciting to play. We also have concerts and trips. One of those is going to San Antonio for a weekend. Then, we go to Six Flags.

Self Confidence

Some ways to have more confidence would be to get involved more with lots of clubs and activities. Surround yourself with confident people. Keep your head up. Smile at people.