Grade Level PLC


Super Heroes,

To continue differentiating instruction for our students to succeed on their academic goals on the upcoming STAAR, we will be meeting on Thursday 3/26 as Grade Levels in the Library.

We will be using the Google Docs spreadsheet that we filled out on Monday after school. (4th grade Reading/Writing: it's already filled out for you)

During this meeting, we will challenge each other to use the grouping of students based on performance levels to determine how to best serve them. Your plan will lead our scholars to academic growth through maximizing the time spent with them.

Come prepared with the interventions that you have implemented for the scholars that are under the Unsatisfactory Performance Level, as well for the students that are borderline under the Satisfactory Phase I Performance Level.

We will set Performance Level projections for the upcoming STAAR based on this spreadsheet, and the data that you have gathered. Please plan to share number of students that you are expecting to perform at each level of the STAAR.

Items to bring:

  • Laptop with access to the Mock STAAR Performance Level spreadsheet (links are below)
  • Interventions for students that are under Unsatisfactory & Satisfactory (Phase 1) Performance Levels
  • Projections for each of the Performance Levels for the STAAR (number of students)
If you have any questions, please let us know!

See you tomorrow!