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An MSD Staff Communication that Cuts out the Clutter!

January 21, 2022

Main Thing 1: Graduation Rates Released

Despite all the hardships caused by this pandemic, our educators (you) continue to do everything in their power to get students across the stage for graduation. This includes a unified effort by our elementary, middle school and high school staff! And of course, our students worked hard too. The state released its graduation rates yesterday, and the Medford School District graduated 82% of the Class of 2021 in four years and 85% in five years. While we certainly have more work to do, we remember the challenging circumstances these students faced, particularly during their last two years in high school. Our high schools have teams diligently identifying students who are currently not on track to graduate and providing them with the support and tools to get back on track. The graduation rate for our schools are as follows:
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Main Thing 2: Omicron Update

We continue to manage the Omicron surge to the best of our ability, while working to provide our students with the best education possible. We’ve made some updates to our MSD Safety Standards to reflect guidance changes. We have also opened a COVID hotline (541-842-3806), in addition to a COVID email address. These resources are for general questions, not for guidance on specific cases. If you have a questions on a specific case, please connect with your supervisor. As we’ve done throughout the pandemic, we continue to monitor our anonymous COVID feedback form, linked here, and follow up on any concerns.

Main Thing 3: On The Record - Staff Feedback

We’ve received some feedback from staff to bring back On the Record, our open forum for questions and discussion with Bret and other executive leadership team members. We will be hosting On the Record on Zoom the fourth Tuesday of each Month. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 4pm, use this Zoom link. Want to submit your question in advance? Click here!
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