Chinese Schools of Thought

by Cole Hereth


By Conficius. Han Dynasty. Human nature is good not evil. Had the five relationships: Father to son, Elder brother to younger brother, Husband to wife, Ruler to subject and Friend to friend. They believed that education is a necessity.


Created by Laozi. Multiple Dynasties. Yin and yang. Be one with nature. The daoists believed that the best ruler is the one that governs the least. They practiced a humble, quiet, peaceful life.
Daoism; The Ying and the Yang


Philosopher: Hanfezi. Qin Dynasty.Nature of man is evil, good is attained. Greed causes all conflict. Used force to achieve what they wanted and had strict laws which brought harsh punishment in case of crime.


Made by Siddhartha Gautama, alsoo known as Buddha. Used im many places.Believed in The Four Noble Truths as well as the Eightfold Path.