Fracking and Mining

By: Kaitlyn, and vsevolod

Fracking: It is the extreme pressure put into the ground by injecting water and other chemical fluids into the ground. This is a danger to the environment because the gases released into the ground could contaminate drinking water in near by towns and cities.

Fracking in our lives

Fracking is being used to get to fresh water that is under ground for us to use.
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(Surface Mining) Strip Mining: The process of extracting rock and other minerals to get to resources like coal from under ground.

Strip mining in our world: Strip mining is being used for us to get to resources like coal so we can burn them for us to have our energy in our houses.
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(Subsurface mining) Slope mining: Is the process of extracting resources like coal and ore.

Slope mining being used by having a shaft reaching down to the resources that is trying to be reached.
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