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March 31, 2021

News from Lakeridge Middle School

Parking Lot Update!

Two important updates:

1. Exit the lot with RIGHT TURN ONLY.

In an effort to keep traffic moving and keep students in the crosswalk safe, cars exiting our parking lot will be allowed to make a RIGHT TURN ONLY. Please plan ahead to exit to the right if you enter our parking lot. Vehicles hoping to drop and proceed to the West on Jean Road will need to make alternate drop off plans like using neighborhood streets North of Jean Road and having students cross with our crossing guard.

2. Change to student drop off lane.

Our construction fence will soon be adjusted to include the old pickup/drop off cover and part of the old bus lane. Traffic will continue to loop through the parking lot but all student pickup and drop off will take place in the West facing direction between the parked cars. This change in the days ahead will allow for the earlier completion of our final parking lot with improved parent queuing and parking. Please follow the signs.

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School Advisory Committee Applications

Please consider serving on one the Lakeridge Middle School Advisory Committee. As part of continuous efforts to increase communication with the public and to provide for citizen involvement, the LO School Board appoints school advisory committees to consider matters of district-wide importance. Committees meet monthly, September through May.

Committee members are appointed to serve two-year terms, please click here for an application.

Curious about what School Advisory Committee meetings look like? Check out the video of past meetings over on our Youtube channel.

School Pictures

Our publications class is working on a student magazine to commemorate and encapsulate this year. It will also have a digital photobook link built in that we'll be collecting photos from students for soon. While it won't be exactly like our traditional yearbook, this hasn't exactly been a traditional year; I'm excited to see what our publications students are designing. Also, we're working with the photography company to offer an opportunity for school pictures for those that want them. We'll have more details out to families about this soon.

Reminders about Transition to In-Person/Hybrid Instruction

Before spring break, we communicated a lot of information about our transition to in-person/hybrid instruction. This is our regular newsflash communication.

Read all about our return to In-person/Hybrid in the special edition of the newsflash published recently and linked here:

Follow how it's going on our social accounts via twitter and instagram.

Counseling Corner

This week’s character strong SEL lesson is called “The COVID List”. Our previous lesson taught us the importance of recognizing things we can and cannot change in various areas of our lives.Our conversations about focusing on things we can control continues this week as we put this idea into practice. Our students took time to create a list of specific things in their control in each aspect of their lives; family, school, friends, and self.

The practice of creating lists like this is one step toward the idea of frontloading. Frontloading means planning ahead for how we will react to moments of stress or anxiety. When we come into a stressful situation caused by an uncontrollable event, our anxiety can ease when we are aware of something we can control in that domain.

Go Deeper

How to Control the Uncontrollables in Life (click here)

Resources for Keeping Schedules & Setting Goals at Home (click here)

25 Stay-at-Home Self-Care Ideas During COVID-19 (click here)

We hope you all have a good week,

Your LMS Counseling Team

School Counselors:

Callie Charon (6th)

Monica Binder (7th)

Marcy Watts (8th)

Tuesday Office Hour:

Callie Charon (6th): Student and Family Office Hour 1:00 - 2:00

Monica Binder (7th): Student and Family Office Hour 1:00 - 2:00

Marcy Watts (8th): Student and Family Office Hour 1:00 - 2:00

Request to meet with your counselor:

If your child ever needs support after school hours, there are many other resources available including the 24-Hour Clackamas County Crisis and Support Line at 503-655-8585 and
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Get involved!

Student Clubs & Activities

Student Clubs General Information

It is time again for our after school clubs to start. We hope to have several fun options for students to choose from. Research shows that kids who are involved and connected to school activities outside of class do better in class. In the past, our clubs have included Robotics, Arts & Crafts, Dungeons & Dragons, Queer Straight Alliance, Anime, Card Game Club, Jr. Thespians and more! If there isn't a club that matches a student's interest, they can start one by filling out our Club Application. See the details and descriptions below for how to join. If you’d like to start a new club, click this link for the form to propose one and some ideas on how it might work.
See the clubs slideshow here!


LMS Writing Club

Friday's at Lunch, 12-1PM

Feel free to stop on by at our writing club every Friday at lunch! During our club meetings, we will respond to prompts, write stories, create poems, and do other fun activities. This is a safe space to just enjoy writing!

Please contact Alani LoBravo to get the zoom link:

BIPOC Affinity Group

We’ve launched affinity groups for our BIPOC students! Affinity groups “allow students who share an identity—usually a marginalized identity—to gather & talk in a safe space about issues related to that identity.” Ms. Easterly and Ms. Minson are advisors for this group. Students can contact them with questions.

Cocoa and Coffee Club

Warm up Wednesday mornings with a cozy cup and visit with friends and classmates. This is a great place to connect, share a smile and help start your day!

Contact Melissa Evers to get the zoom link

Wednesday AM 8:30 - 9 am

Junior Thespians

Hey middle schoolers! You may have heard of Lakeridge’s wonderful drama program, but have you heard of our lovely Jr. Thespian troupe? Jr. Thespians are a non-profit organization. It’s a chapter of the Educational Theatre Association which sponsors the International Thespian Society. It’s our mission to not only do theatre, but promote, strengthen, and advocate for theatre arts in our community. Short answer, we encourage theatre in our community and have fun doing it! If you’d like to join our troupe, come to our meetings which are every Tuesday at 8:10 am. You can find the meeting link in our google classroom: st2cgps.

Hope to see you soon!!

-Your Jr. Thespian Officers

Girl Up Club

Girl Up is a campaign by the United Nations Foundation, that gives young and adolescent girls a voice, opportunity and structure to make a change in their communities. Girl Up inspires change and action to girls worldwide to become a force, and a voice in the gender equality movement, and to help bring social change. Our club learns, supports, and advocates for everything Girl Up stands for; such as equality in sports and education, STEM for social good, advocacy, awareness, fundraising, spreading your message, speaking up, and so much more. Our group welcomes everyone to become an ally or an advocate to our community. The Lakeridge Girl Up Club would love to see you join our part in the Gender Equality Movement.

WHEN: Meetings weekly on Wednesdays @ 11: 45


Join the movement!

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Math Club

Math Club meets from 11:45 to 12:45 each Tuesday. Come and join your fellow students to solve interesting math problems and play some math games! Students of all grades and abilities from LMS are welcome. Our MathCounts competition team will be formed from students in the Math Club, so if you're interested in math competition, this is the club for you. Send an email to Mrs. Goehler( if you want to join in and she will send you the link for the Zoom Meeting! Our Google Classroom join code is: xalrnpd. Come join the fun!

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

All Lakeridge Middle School students are invited to our weekly Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) lunch group. Every Friday we will get together after 2nd period to eat lunch over Zoom and enjoy a safe space to play games, do activities, learn about Queer culture, create Queer culture, problem solve, ask questions, share stories, explore identity, and get to know one another. All students are welcome, regardless of how you identify- LGBTQIA+. Come if you're Queer! Come if you're curious! Come if you're an Ally!

Reach out to Ms. Haffenreffer [pronouns: she/her] with questions.

Culinary Adventures Club

The Culinary Adventures Club will occur on Tuesdays from 12-1. Come learn what good, healthy food is. You’ll also learn how to cook and bake better. You’ll need access to your kitchen and some ingredients, while on Zoom. Email Ms. Charon to request an invitation to the zoom link.

Gaming Club

Meeting Times: 12-1

Days: Tues and Friday

Specific Criteria: Need to have access to a computer/laptop/other gaming device, have access to group games (examples Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox) and Zoom

What Season: All year

What do you want your members to get out of it:

To make new friends during the pandemic since we all can’t be together socializing at school

To join email: your name to get the zoom link.

Key Goals:

  • Help new students like me meet new people and feel more comfortable, confident and part of a group

  • To help students learn in a fun way team building skills

  • To give students a chance to practice being kind, taking turns and being respectful to others in a group environment

  • To teach patience and listening to each other

  • To give students a chance of building creativity skills

  • Science research shows that video games help the brain with memory and growth

Parent Teacher Organization

Calling All Volunteers for 2021-2022

PTO Offices and Committee Chair positions are available and going fast! Sign up here to volunteer next year: A good PTO team means great enrichment opportunities for Lakeridge Middle School students and staff. To learn about all the ways volunteers impact LMS, visit the PTO website at or email PTO at

Flower Baskets Are On Sale

Just in time for Mother’s Day, purchase your hanging flower baskets from Lakeridge Middle School PTO. Each 12-inch basket is $38 and boasts a combination of colors and flowers in a sun mix. Order your baskets here:

All online orders are due by Wednesday, April 21. Baskets will be available for pick-up at LMS (first come, first served) on Wednesday, May 5 between noon and 2pm in the parking area.

Does Your Business Want to Partner with PTO?

Support Lakeridge Middle School next year by becoming a 2021-22 Community Partner. Year-long sponsorships are available only to local businesses and business owners, and availability is limited. To sign up or learn about Community Partner sponsorship levels and benefits, visit the PTO website at Deadline for applications is May 1, 2021.

District Information

Fee Waivers

Requests for resident fee waivers or fee reductions, except for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), will be processed using the attached form. Please complete the form and submit it to the department or school which collects the applicable fee or fees.

Grab and Go Meal Distribution


Middle school hybrid students Grab & Go classroom distribution begins Monday, March 29. Please read the letter for details. For LO Online students Grab & Go distribution continues M & Thu 11:45am-12:15pm.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit

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