The Llama and The Alpaca

Its about 2 llamas and an alpaca.

One day Joe The Alpaca was walking by Steve The Llama's house. He thought that Steve The Llama's house was very nice. He saw a bunch of gold and diamond through the window. Joe The Alpaca was planning on robbing Steve The Lama's house.
The very next day while Steve The Llama was talking to his neighbor, Carl The Llama, Joe The Alpaca was listening from the back door. Joe The Alpaca heard Steve The Llama tell Carl The Llama he was leaving for a four day trip, and he was going to leave the back door open so Carl The Llama could feed Steve The Llama's pet lamb.
Joe The Alpaca went home right away to work on a plan to rob the house. He came up with a good plan he thought would really work. He would go in the house the next night through the back door and take as much gold and diamond as he can.
It was the next night and Joe The Alpaca went to Steve The Llamas house. He got in the house and robbed as much stuff as he could. He was so happy with what he got. He was having a lot of fun.
Joe The Alpaca walked into another room and saw the pet lamb. He forgot that Carl The Llama was coming over to feed the pet lamb. He had to get out of there. He turned around to get out and Carl The Llama was right there. Carl The Llama spit on Joe The Alpacas face multiple times.
Joe The Alpaca ran away and never came back. Steve The Llama came home to a perfectly good house. Steve The Llama was happy about in how good a shape his house was in.
Later, when Steve The Llama found out about what had happened he was very happy with Carl The Llama. He then gave Carl The Llama half of his gold, and half of his diamond for saving his house. They all lived happily ever after.

Theme #1- You may get rewarded for doing something good for someone else.

Theme #2- Before you make a bad choice, remember there is someone watching.