Media Work Did So Far

By: Hemant Kanoujia

Photoshop Journal

Photoshop Journal we worked with our some ex with our class and rest of them work by your self.


Gelco was our practice we did with class of Premiere Pro.


My ASDF was like a shot flim. I worked alone.

Port One

My first port was Short Film. I worked with two people they were Alfredo and Jose F.

Port Two

My second port was Public Service Announcement (PSA). I worked two people they were Logan and Hamna.

Port Three

My three port was about Documentary. We worked alone but for the interview we needed a partner.

Bronco Beat News

In Bronco Beat News I need to work in group and I worked with Freddie, Josh F, Shipra, and Hanumanth

Port Four

My Fourth port was about Music Trailer. It was 2 people port and worked with Shipra. We created the Hunted School Trailer.