Government and Culture

Fact #1

Athens government was a democracy, and also one of the first. A democracy is a type of government in which all citizens ran it. For Athens, this means that everyone who was male, owned land, and native-born, could vote for all decisions that affected the city. This meant that no, women, children, slaves, and foreigners could NOT vote.

Fact #2

Athens was a very popular place for art and literature. This is because in Athens, they could work in freedom. Because of this, many centuries after came to Athens to learn. In Athens, this meant that they focused on learning and education.

Fact #3

Slavery was very common in Athens. Usually, there was at least one enslaved person in each house, and wealthy Athenians had many more. Some did household jobs such as tutors, maids, and cooks. Others worked in the fields, industry, and in artisans shops. Without the slaves help, Athens couldn't support there economy.

Fact #4

In Athenian schools, only boys went to school. One teacher taught how to read, write, and do math. Another taught sports, and a third taught to play the lyre (kind of looks like a harp), and how to sing. Athenian girls stayed home and was taught by their mothers. They learned how to spin, weave, and do other household duties. All though, some wealthy girls did learn to read write, and also play the lyre.

Fact #5

The most credited person that helped make Athens a democracy was Cleisthenes. He came to power in 508 B.C. and made the assembly the main role in government. He also made the assembly able to debate matters, hear court cases, and choose army generals. Most importantly, he made a council of 500 citizens to help the assembly with their daily business. This meant that Cleisthenes was helping Athens government grow stronger.

Fact #6

Athens were not interested in military, unlike the Spartans, but focused on a good government. For Athens, this meant that citizens could vote, debate, and much more. This also meant that they made a democracy.

Fact #7

Athens democracy started when the Athenians began to rebel against the nobles. This happened by the nobles loaning money to people like farmers to help pay debt, which they knew they couldn't pay back. This meant that when the nobles wanted there money back and couldn't get it, they would make the farmers give them stuff which eventually lead to the farmers becoming slaves. Because of this, the Athenians fought back.