AKA - Achromasia

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Albinism is a genetic disorder that causes your body no be incapable of making melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives you your skin, eye, and hair color. There are a few different types of albinism that may only affect certain areas, these are known as localized albinism.


People with Albinism may experience sensitivity to light, eye disorders and pale skin.
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A problem in one of several genes that produce or distribute melanin.

How do you receive Albinism?

Albinism is usually inherited by the parents that causes the absence of defect of the enzyme tyrosinase (which produces melanin).


There is no cure for Albinism but some treatments to treat it are simple such as wearing eye glasses to protect your eyes from light, protective clothing and sunscreen to protect skin, or surgery on muscles of the eye to correct improper eye movement.


The best way to tell if you have albinism is through genetic testing for signs of genes that are defected that may cause albinism. It can also be diagnosed through evaluation of symptoms.

Population Effects

1 in 17,000 are diagnosed with some form of albinism and effects people of all races.
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What i Discovered...

Albinism is a very rare effecting the way people who are diagnosed go on about there lives, they have to do specific things just to do simple things like going outside that most of us could easily do without no preparation.