Showtoons and Modern

Mallory Mitchell Miller 1st Period

Show Tunes

George Balanchine, in the 1920's, was one of the earliest recognized choreographers of Broadway dance history, having created the 1936 edition of Ziegfeld Follies. The interest with Broadway dance came from the fact it was the first time dance was showcased as part of a story plot. Broadway became very popular in New York from the beginning to now. Broadway dancing is choreographed theatrical pieces that tell a story. In the late 1900's a lot of popular Broadway shows such as; West Side Story and Chicago, really setting off the greatness of Broadway dancing.


It was developed in the 20th cent., primarily in the United States and Germany, modern dance resembles modern art and music in being experimental and iconoclastic. Louie Fuller and Mary Wigman were two of the many people who started modern dancing. Modern dancing was created in both United States and Germany. It came from ballet dancing and includes parts of performance art to create a message through dance. Modern dancing evolved around the 1900's and became one of the most popular dance styles of that time. Mary Wigman was the most highly regarded modern dancer and choreographer in Central Europe and one of the principal proponents of modern dance during the 1920's and ‘30s.